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Interactive tour of a house that belonged to a merchant from the late Qing dynasty, and was original

Photographs by Olivier Laude and brief texts by Ronald G. Knapp. Up to ten photographs per province.

Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen's illustrated article on these remarkable traditional dwellings in China, orig

History, map, tour and gallery of photographs of this magnificent timber castle on a stone base, bui

H-Net discussion group dedicated to discussing Japanese history, culture, religion, and society, inc

An interactive map, pictures and information about the Castles of Japan.

A national organization representing architects in Singapore including information on career prospec

First built in 1420, it was the place where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties came to worship

A history, description and bird's eye map of the second largest imperial garden in China. The comple

Offers an illustrated history and description this former imperial retreat in China, now a huge publ


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